Topaz Gemstone

Thousands of centuries, topaz is used in the manufacture of ornaments and jewelry. The name Topaz is thought to emerge from the Greek. Topaz is the stone of those born in November and the anniversary gem for the fourth year of marriage. The escalation in the glory of topaz can be seen almost everywhere in the world that can be clearly informed by letter to increase sales of research in recent years in the jewelry market. Gone are the days of unique and sophisticated jewelry are not available to mere mortals, but today you can easily get topaz jewelry in almost all department stores, malls and various online jewelry stores. Topaz is a transparent stone, which often contains inclusions of gas bubbles and liquid and often small crystals. The magnificent beauty of the topaz is hidden in the variety of colors offered. Pure topaz is colorless and transparent, but is usually tinted by impurities.

* London Blue Topaz: This stone is subjected to heat treatment and other treatment methods with a soft blue to light yellow, light gray or more in a darker blue desired. Of course, blue topaz is very rare so grown to become a reality.

* Swiss Blue Topaz  After following some of the radio active treatments and chemical processes in a medium dark blue topaz and make it a blue topaz in Switzerland. So if you're short of funds for the purchase of jewelry and sapphire can choose to buy blue topaz jewelry for you.

* Sky blue topaz Completion of the heat treatments neutron colorless topaz to get the desired result of a strong light blue topaz, a consumer.

* Mystic Topaz is a colorless topaz that has been artificially coated giving the desired effect of the rainbow.

* Imperial Topaz is a yellow topaz is irradiated and when it becomes pink topaz. Topaz Topaz generally ranges straw yellow wine, and heat treated becomes pink-red.

To change the color of a topaz that has to go through a heat treatment is usually followed, in order to cause the gemstone that will change completely, lighter or darker. Topaz is a stone very expensive, and with a variety of colors and sizes available can be a most delightful of his wardrobe. Price depends on color topaz, and carat size stone. For example, if you want to buy topaz ring, then according to their color, carat weight and size of the stone, its price is set by a buyer. In the event that the color is natural and very rare so the price is soaring the sky as the natural pink topaz is very rare and very expensive. So, after investigation it is time to take their jewelry most likely Topaz and appreciate this time with your partner.