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Opal Pendants

There is no other gemstones like opals. These wonders are known for their blazing display of colors that change before your eyes blink. Opals sparkle from inside by reflecting and skipping light off of the silica chips found in the stone. Opal jewelry is one of a kind decision that makes the novel properties of opals. The opal gemstone is the birthstone of October, making opal gems a beautiful present for those who born in month October. The most famous Opal gemstones are from Australia and Mexican Fire Opals. With a color that complements the most metals, fire opal pendants and necklace jewelry are made in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold. Since the splendid orange color of your fire opal jewelry will get the attention, you will need to match with your outfit, also search our opal rings, earrings and bracelets.
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Fire Opal Black Silver Cross Pendant
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Pink Opal Pendant with Ruby
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Australian Opal Pendant with Ruby
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