1.  Opal is From?
It just so happens that approximately a dozen distinct classifications of minerals with hundreds of varieties exist in Mexico. As an example, the silicates class alone, contains more than 60 different minerals such as jadeite, zircon, topaz, and quartz, a subgroup of which includes amethyst. The carbonates class... more
2.  Love or Hate Opal
Opal is a beautiful gemstone, formed from lumps of silica, and found mostly in Australia and Mexico. These stones are available in various types like Fire Opal, Crystal Opal, Black Opal, White Opal, Boulder Opal and Matrix Opal. Opal, which means valuable stone and the price depends on the color, weight, cut,... more
3.  The Healing Power of Stones
All gemstones have magnetic powers to different degrees, and many of them are not only beautiful to the eye, but can also help with their healing properties. You can use stones for medicinal purposes, if you want to change something within yourself, balance yourself or simply harmonize your body, mind and... more
4.  How to clean your jewelry?
Many people wonder how to take care of their silver jewelry. When you first purchased that silver necklace, ring or broach it was shiny and beautiful. In time silver tarnishes from the interaction of silver and sulfides in the air. First the... more
5.  Alexandrite Gemstone
Alexandrite is one of the must-have jewelry and gemstones, featuring a color change from blue-green in daylight and purplish-red under incandescent light. Discovered in the mid 19th century in the Ural mountains in Russia, the original Alexandrite deposit was the only source of gemstones for many years... more
6.  Diamond Quality 4C
  Diamond rings are expensive and not just because of its expensive diamond name, but because the stones complex layout. Few people can feel it, but actually putting stone plays a major role in all look more jewelry. It is in the synchronized diving event of gemstones and setting that brings the best of... more
7.  Topaz Gemstone
Thousands of centuries, topaz is used in the manufacture of ornaments and jewelry. The name Topaz is thought to emerge from the Greek. Topaz is the stone of those born in November and the anniversary gem for the fourth year of marriage. The escalation in the glory of topaz can be seen almost everywhere in the world... more
8.  Ruby Gemstone
 In this modern world, now people are much more aware of their appearance, style and personality. Well, when the matter will come and show or whatever it is, everyone thinks of jewelry. King of precious stones known as "Ruby" would be the perfect choice for the consumer. Stunning beauty and... more
9.  Amber | Baltic Amber | Mexican Amber
Amber is an organic gemstone. It is actually a natural phenomenon and hard resin and translucent fossil discovered in some old trees. The resin must be several million years to be called amber. Amber is in a great variety of colors and shades, including black, golden yellow, orange, milky white, red, orange, green,... more
10.  Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry
Turquoise is a semi-precious stones. Color of turquoise jewelry ranges from sky blue through various shades of yellowish green to greenish gray. Blue, this stone is a green copper, iron. Turquoise is a happy color, which is a combination of pale blue sky and to promote the green sea and is said to provide you... more