The Healing Power of Stones

All gemstones have magnetic powers to different degrees, and many of them are not only beautiful to the eye, but can also help with their healing properties. You can use stones for medicinal purposes, if you want to change something within yourself, balance yourself or simply harmonize your body, mind and spirit.

The longer you wear a certain stone, the more its powers will affect you.

Wear your stones! Don't just store them safely. If you don't wear them, you are only depriving yourself of enormous power.

When wearing the stones, make sure they are in direct contact with your body, so you can absorb their healing properties.


Diversifies the personality and balances the feminine qualities! Abalone strengthens the muscular tissue (especially the heart), and, it's anti-carcinogenic, hence especially recommended for smokers.


Calming and soothing, especially for children. Agate is a good protective energy stone. Helps strengthen the body's connection to the earth, and it increases self-confidence, gives strength and courage. It is also said to bring harmony to relationships.
Botswana Agate: Stone of Change, helps to change in a positive way. Also helpful in overcoming addictions.
Fire Agate: Helps bring balance in regards to sexual issues, helps clear disorders of the central nervous system. Grounding & balancing.
Moss Agate: Helps one attune to nature & communicate with plants, aligns the mentally & emotionally, improves self-esteem.


Stone of truth and honor. Amazonite helps free one's energy, balances the intake of calcium. Brings order out of chaos, assists one in overcoming negative emotions and healing emotional disturbances.


Activates the altruistic nature and assists in the realization of one's spiritual intellect. Helps the body regeneration of cellular tissue, as well as letting go of the past. Purifies the body.


Known as the "Sobriety Stone", Amethyst calms the mind, controls the passions and enhances mental activity and telepathy. It balances the metabolism and helps with edginess.


The Stone of Courage. It reduces fear, encourages self-expression and shields the aura. It is also said to protect travelers at sea.


Stone of Prosperity. Benefits all areas of creativity & mental clarity. Aventurine activates and protects the heart chakra.


All purpose healer and cleanser. Bloodstone has a calming effect, especially in survival situations. It helps overcome stress and anxiety, and neutralizes/eliminates toxins.

Cat's Eye

A stone of good fortune and protection. Cat's Eye is said to bring happiness, optimism and generosity, and helps forgive and balance emotions.


Uplifting stone which increases creativity & helps with loneliness. It assists the body assimilate minerals and vitamins.


Protective stone which alleviates depression and self-doubt and brings personal clarity. Citrine cleanses the vibrations in the atmosphere, aids the digestion and prevents nightmares.


Stimulates tissue regeneration and helps the body reduce cholesterol. Emotionally it brings inner peace and understanding of one's purpose.


In the past crushed diamonds have been used to cure various diseases. Wearing diamonds brings courage & hope, and removes blockages & negativity. It is also said to stimulate longevity and clarity in relationships.


Eliminates negativity. Emerald increases psychic & clairvoyant abilities, assists in meditation, encourages truthfulness, and helps develop a better insight into dreams. Physically, it is recommended for disorders of the spine, muscles and as a general healer.