Love or Hate Opal

Opal is a beautiful gemstone, formed from lumps of silica, and found mostly in Australia and Mexico. These stones are available in various types like Fire Opal, Crystal Opal, Black Opal, White Opal, Boulder Opal and Matrix Opal. Opal, which means valuable stone and the price depends on the color, weight, cut, finish and pattern seen when looking through the stone.

The Australian Opal is very popular throughout the world. It is available in the form of jewelry or in loose form, but make sure that you don't spend a huge amount of money to buy an opal of inferior quality. A wide selection of Australian Opal jewelry are available like Opal rings, Opal earrings, Opal necklace, Opal bracelet and Opal pendant. The make a perfect gift and it can also be kept as a beautiful piece of jewelry for you. You should keep a few things in mind when buying an Opal. You will see rainbow colors when looking through the stone. The color may vary in different Opals, but the effect should be seen in whichever direction you turn. Sometimes the color is seen only in one direction, which means it is inexpensive. As they have water content, these stones are very soft.

Opal, the Zodiac Stone for Libra or for people born in the month of October, known as October opal is recommended to be worn daily on your body as jewelery, as it has a lot of benefits. The greatest belief is that this stone has powerful healing powers. This stone brings a lot of energy into your body and solves depression. Opal stones improves circulation and is said to offer nourishment to the heart chakra and soothe the throat chakra. It also awakens intuition and sparks imagination. And did you know that Opal also finds your true love? Try it!!!

Crystal Opal, an expensive jewelry material is transparent Opal and can be any kind of Opal. Black Opal, White Opal and fire Opal are considered as precious opals. Out of this the Black Opal is very expensive. The White Opal has a white or cream body. The Fire Opal as the name suggests displays flaming yellow, red and orange colors. The most famous Fire Opals are available in Mexico and it is known as Mexican Fire Opals. You can also find Blue Opal with a color similar to the ocean. And the Peruvian Blue Opal is very popular. You also have the Yellow Opal which is stunning yellow colored and reasonably priced.