Amber | Baltic Amber | Mexican Amber

Amber is an organic gemstone. It is actually a natural phenomenon and hard resin and translucent fossil discovered in some old trees. The resin must be several million years to be called amber. Amber is in a great variety of colors and shades, including black, golden yellow, orange, milky white, red, orange, green, purple or brownish yellow. While Amber considered a jewel, it is not technically a stone or mineral. Amber is said to derive its name from Middle English amber or medieval Latin from Arabic or Ambergris Ambra Anbar.

Amber is used as a protective talisman and is said to bring luck. Amber is used mainly for making jewelry and other decorative objects as relatively flexible and can be carved easily. Amber is also used for the production of pearls, a spokesman, amulets, and smokes cigarettes and other small decorative objects. amber necklaces, rings and pendants popular.The Greeks and Romans used amber in detail in their jewelry and crafts. Is said to have existed even in the Stone Age and is one of the oldest rocks found. The history of amber dating from antiquity. Amber was also used for the manufacture of varnishes and incense. Amber is found in several places, including Germany, Sicily, England, Myanmar and Mexico.

It fits well for those born under the zodiac sign Leo, Virgo and Capricorn. He is said to protect health and reduce the goiter. It is used to treat eye problems, swelling in the throat and lungs, teeth disorders, bronchial disorders, headaches, pain from arthritis, stress, cold and jaundice. Gemstone Amber balances endocrine and digestive systems. It relieves stomach pain and improves liver and kidney function. Amber is said to improve decision making, memory, luck and strength. Amber is also regarded as a good reason for fossils preserved in the interior parts. Sometimes insects or pieces of dirt, leaves, pine needles and inclusions of small plant and animal fossils found in amber. Amber can absorb and transform negative energy into positive. This is considered a powerful jewel, but it is not advisable to wear it too long or all day.

Amber is soft, it can be easily scratched. Be sure to save amber jewelry separately from other jewelry. Amber should be cleaned with a soft cloth and kept wrapped in a soft cloth. Want to see some amber jewelry now?